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A real-life adventure game!

Collect badges, win photo contests and find presents


Physical, Mental and Social Health

The fundamentals of our wellbeing

Taking care of our bodies builds our confidence and makes us feel energized

Appreciating the positive is one of the most effective ways to feel great and more fulfilled

Kindness, to ourselves and others, is the currency of happiness

Happiness is a direction not a place

The anatomy of our programs

  • Daily exercise or stretching
  • Learn to speak new languages and to play new instruments
  • Complete personal goals and weekly challenges

More than just an app

Take action

No more just knowing what is good for your happiness and well-being. wellyou is all about helping you to go out and live your dreams, goals and wishes.

It’s fun

Since real change is difficult, we turned wellyou into a game with badges, real-life experiences, contests and more.

You are not alone

Work in a group with 4 strangers around the world who have also committed to their personal development. Get to know them more every week throughout the program.

It’s holistic

You’re simultaneously taking care of your body, mind, relationships, and nutrition for a healthier more balanced, kinder you.

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Shared happiness is double happiness

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