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your guide to a full life

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One way to show your commitment to self-development and growth as a Happy Nation citizen is by being one of the original 10,000 ticket holders.

The core of Happy Nation

Not only is wellyou the first product ever
created but also the one all others stem from.

wellyou is a holistic program and real-life
adventure game designed to transform your
physical, mental, and social well-being. Rooted
in science, it provides you with the knowledge,
tools, and encouragement to build a
sustainably happier and healthier life.

Every single ticket is 100% unique and shows characters engaging in well-being activities that make people happy.

They have been carefully crafted by three Berlin-based artists, each with their own art style. Each artist created characters and backgrounds that were mixed to create unique tickets.

Learn about the science of happiness and put theory into practice with actionable daily and weekly tasks. These tasks introduce you to new ways of boosting your well-being and help you to accomplish your personal goals.

The artists


My name is Katharina, I am 24 years old and since my childhood, I have set the goal to create interesting characters and new worlds as an artist. I’ve been drawing...

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Luana is an artist by heart.
From enjoying role-playing and theater games to drawing comics in class, there was always one thing throughout all her hobbies...

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“Once you realize that making mistakes is part of the process, you really allow yourself to grow as an artist and embrace your whole potential”...

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Because working on yourself should be fun,
we have gamified the entire program so that
every week there is something new for you and
your teammates to discover.

The art

Holders have access to one free wellyou program each year and three premium events or classes a week in the metaverse. Tickets can be kept, gifted to a loved one, or sold to others.

You're never alone

As you work on yourself, you do so with others who are on the same journey. Get to know your team members more as you complete the program. In a small group of companions, we will learn, explore, and grow to become the best version of ourselves.

The wellyou programs last one and three months and have been built on iOS with web and Android builds planned for the future.
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Shared happiness is double happiness

Connect to our community!

Shared happiness is double happiness

Connect to our community!