Any study on sugar conveys the same message; sugar is an addictive drug, it can negatively affect your mood and can be linked to a list of negative health effects such as diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. This is why you will try to recondition yourself to heavily reduce your intake of refined sugars. 

Unfortunately, the food industry has found a way to capitalize on our “ancient human craving” and managed to sneak sugar in almost everywhere, making you more addicted to it and subsequently buy more of their products. What do we mean by ancient human craving? Well, our addiction to sugar of course. Millions of years ago, apes survived on fruit rich in sugar. They evolved to like the ripe fruits more not only because they tasted better (who wants a bitter fruit?) but ripe fruits were also an indicator that the fruit was edible. 

Ripe fruits have a higher dosage of sugar, which is an important source of energy. Broken down sugar is stored in fat and in ancient times when food was scarce and meals inconsistent, your fat storage was a matter of survival! What’s more, sugar stimulates dopamine, the reward hormone in charge of our pleasure system, making it even more difficult to keep our consumption under control. What was once a survival mechanism has now become a danger with our abundant supermarkets. We are consuming more sugar than our bodies are adapted for and it’s making us sick. 

Did you know that these foods can also negatively change the quality of our taste? They weaken our taste buds so that we need increased amounts to be able to taste the same level of sweetness. Normal fruit doesn’t taste sweet enough (our ancestors would be disappointed!). To give our bodies and taste buds a reboot, we will try to eliminate as much sugar from our diet as possible, meaning no refined sugar (soft drinks, snacks, etc.). This will understandably be very difficult in the first weeks, which should help you realize just how dependent you may be on refined sugars. If you absolutely cannot give up sweetness altogether, then try to switch to honey, agave syrup, stevia, or raw sugar, and then try to reduce these from your diet bit by bit. As mentioned before, there will be exceptions. After all, we are doing a happiness workout, which means that you should also have the opportunity to enjoy your vice from time to time (but in moderation)!