This is an extremely important element of the program. They will help you track your journey, changes, and overall progress during the upcoming weeks. The insights from these surveys will greatly benefit you, wellyou, and the scientific community to better understand an individual’s journey of happiness and well-being. How? 

Change in happiness levels is not easy to observe, so these surveys will support you in making more sense of this, giving you a chance to reflect on your journey with wellyou and the positive changes that you will make. Also, the results will allow us to continuously improve the program and adapt it to your needs. Then there is the scientific community that still has so much to discover and we can contribute to furthering the science of happiness together. So, be sure to fill out the surveys during the current preparation week, as this will no longer be possible when the program starts. You will have to fill in the surveys also at the end of the program but don’t worry, we will remind you once we get there 😉