Every morning when we step outside of our homes, our eyes see so many beautiful things around us, which we hardly ever recognize or consciously take note of. By letting these things go unnoticed, we are letting little moments of happiness pass us by. So, train your eyes to see the beauty in your life.

  • Step 1:
    Take three photos each week and upload them to the calendar section of your dashboard. You can upload them anytime during the week, but please have all three uploaded, latest, by Friday evening. Your teammates will do the same.
    A special note: Please do not upload any selfies. This is because your identity is unknown to your teammates, and uploading your photo will take all the fun away from them getting to know you and your personality, slowly, over the weeks.

  • Step 2: [Voting round 1] To do on Saturday
    Which photo do you find the best from each member? Vote for one favorite photo from each member’s three photos. Please also vote amongst your own; in case of a tie, your vote will help to determine which photo is most popular.

  • Step 3: [Voting round 2] To do on Sunday
    There are now five most popular photos, one from each team member. These five photos will go to another group that will vote for their favorite one. At the same time, your group will receive 5 photos from another where you and your teammates will also do the same. Please vote for your favorite one.

  • Step 4: The decision on Monday
    Every group finds out who the photo contest winner of this week is – it could be you 😉