Personal to-dos are important because we should also be thinking about the things that we would like to achieve for ourselves during our time at wellyou. Crossing off these to-dos, some of which we might have been putting off for months will give us a feeling of accomplishment. Even taking the first few steps to getting a task done can contribute to our well-being. During the coming few weeks, we will try to make as many steps towards finishing our personal to-dos as possible. 

The personal to-dos will make each of our journeys towards greater happiness unique. And that is great because every one of us is so different. Any time left during the day can be used to carry out your to-do’s. They can be normal to-do’s, long-term to-dos, or bucket list items.

Normal to-dos mean that the end is perceivable. For instance, calling a friend, reading a certain book, and cleaning out your desk are all things that you can do once and then check off.

Long-term to-dos need more regular attention and cannot be done at once. Examples include strengthening certain relationships and learning a particular skill.

Lastly, bucket list items are things we want to do at some point in our life. These to-dos are often not very easy to check off because they may take some more time to achieve. If you want to write a book or run a marathon, it is unrealistic to expect to do that within these four weeks. However, it is still possible to take the first small steps towards reaching those goals. If you want to run a marathon, you can already start by going for your first jog and eventually, with practice, running more regularly. If you want to write a book, you can start by creating the book’s outline, then its chapters, and maybe even start writing the beginning. 

You can write down anything that you would like to achieve now, soon, or in your lifetime. We can all choose for ourselves where we write them down. You could for instance use notes on your phone, download a to-do app, or write it down with pen and paper. If you have an iPhone, you can download “wellyou – be happy!” and write them down there. It might even be beneficial to already think about how you can make certain bigger to-dos more feasible by dividing them into smaller steps.