Here is one awareness meditation technique that you can start with: 

To get started, find a comfortable position and exhale once forcefully through your nose; you will notice how the airflow grazes your nostrils and the area above your upper lip. This sensation is always there, even when you breathe normally but we’re not sensitive or aware enough to notice it.

Set a time for 5 minutes. While you breathe calmly try to remain aware of the airflow outside your nostrils and above your upper lip. Try to keep your concentration there for at least one minute without letting your mind jump from one thought to another. Anytime you realize that your mind has wandered off, simply bring your awareness back to your respiration in the nose/upper lip area and just observe. And don’t look for reasons as to why you drifted off or get upset over it.

The task is simple: try to focus as long as possible on your breathing in that area and whenever you lose your concentration, without getting upset, bring it back to that spot.

Have fun with your meditation and see you in five minutes…

Welcome back!

You may have noticed that your mind is jumping from one thought to the other and it is difficult for you to stay calm and focused on your breath. This is completely normal! Such as every other skill, meditation needs practice. Try to integrate it into your daily routine and you will see your improvements very soon!