That cigarettes are extremely harmful to your health is a no-brainer. With every cigarette that you smoke, you are putting around 250 different toxins and over 3000 chemicals into your body. This is causing your cells to work overtime to push them out again or at least reduce their impact by storing them into your fat cells. If we were to ask these cells how they feel having to carry this burden, what do you think their answer would be? For once in your life, you should experience what it’s like to be able to breathe easier, improve your condition, etc. During these two months, cigarettes are the one exception where you won’t be able to pull a joker, as they are one of the most addictive substances. This also means that a heavy smoker should think twice before drinking too much at a party since drinking can easily lead to relapse. 

However, just like there is a difference between social drinkers and alcoholics, we understand that there are people who are social smokers and barely touch the stuff. If you are someone who can go weeks without a cigarette, then you are considered a social smoker and can then pull a joker during weak moments.